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I am a non-Igbo speaking Biafran from the coastal region of Biafra Land. Presently, I reside in the northeast part of the USA. I am an IPOB member and a principal officer within the New England IPOB USA Inc. I must honestly and sincerely say that joining IPOB is an eye opener, and has really helped me to see myself. I once obtained bias thoughts about Biafra and the Igbo speaking Biafran people. I obtained this bias, in my teen years while in secondary school, when the first Biafra/British-Nigeria war took place. The Yoruba people suddenly came to penetrate the coastal region with a malicious intent to confuse the mindset of the coastal region people about the war, and along with the Hausa-Fulani and with the involvement of the British, they kept us in the dark, our minds poisoned and fed with so much fabricated malicious lies to defuse the real truth of what caused the war, and about the Igbo speaking Biafran people. The Yoruba’s really used propaganda politics against Igbo people to sweep across the coastal region and made the people to think that Biafra was another word for Igbo rebelelutionary, a basis to stigma Igbo people.

There are Biafran men and women who still buy into the Yoruba perception of an exclusive Igbo speaking Biafra-Land. I traveled away from Nigeria before I really came to understand and see the ugliness of the country. The instant realization ran chills through my vein-pores to learn the truth that the coastal area is indeed a slave-region to the Hausa-Fulani along with Yoruba Regions (The slavery orchestration & conducted by Britain). I wondered & asked myself, in this present modern day world, are there slavery practices in Nigeria? Are the entire regions of South-East/South-South really slaves of Hausa-Fulani and Yoruba regions? Truthfully, I just can’t comprehended that the British came to West African, to Biafra-Land; and made Biafrans slaves of the Hausa-Fulani, and Yoruba. I despise the Queen of England for the fact that Britain, Hausa-Fulani and Yoruba are partners in crimes against humanity.

My joining of IPOB in November of 2015, one month after the illegal arrest and kidnapping of Mazi Prince Nnamdi Kanu is an eye opener that has 1), waken millions of Biafrans from a very deep slumber to begin to see the hidden nasty dirty truth of the contraption called Nigeria. 2), Nnamdi Kanu truthful revelation has raised awareness of the Biafra struggle.

3), Now! I know the essence of the Biafra grass-root problems.

It is no surprise to me, that some people I spoke to about Biafra; react as if the name Biafra is strange and alien. I have been posed with questions like:

  1. What name is that? Never heard of Biafra before! Where is Biafra?
  2. I have also been asked critical questions by people who either had vague knowledge of Biafra or knew very little about the Biafra/Nigeria-British war but curious to know (What caused the war in the first place? & If the amalgamation began 100 years in 1914 and ended in 2014, why then did the 1st three years of the civil war otherwise known as the Biafra war occurred in the sixties? What is the purpose of the Biafra agitation now!

I began to see that people are still quite ignorant about Biafra just as I was before I joined IPOB under the leadership of, Nnamdi Kanu. As an IPOB member, I can honestly say that these questions are of significant importance and should be addressed accordingly for the consciousness and truthful knowledge and enlightenment of people who are unaware , and who are the Thomas’s; for a wisdom adage has it that knowledge is light and education never ends.

With the above written, Africans being oral type of people: the African Oral Culture, is one aspect of why scholars of the Early Western World & Civilization, used theory and practices of social-stratification and social-accountability, along with-written documentations to take advantage of the African continent. The Western Scholars look down on African people in a degrading manner primarily because Africans were hiding from researching and the western world is still bent to hide the IPOB Biafra agitation restoration struggle under the leadership of Nnamdi Kanu. The truth has surfaced that the ancient world map of Africa 1827 visibly had the nation: Biafra. The area called Nigeria never existed on the ancient map of Africa. The joyous exclusion of Nigeria is clear evidence that Ancient-Biafra, existed thousands of years before the area called Nigeria was created in a fraudulent amalgamation merger by Fredrick Lugard, a British mercenary soldier along with his wife: Flora Shaw. The ancient world map of Africa showed that Biafra lies on the Bight of Biafra in the Southern Protectorate, different from the Yoruba to the west of the Southern Protectorate, and different from the bordering Hausa-Fulani of the Northern Protectorate. These three nations have absolutely nothing in common except for the dark skin color.

The Biafran Southern Protectorate comprises of several diverse ethnic groups/tribes that include the Igbo and all lived comfortably among themselves, conducted trade and businesses relations together, and were really peaceful. Biafrans especially Igbos are very industrious. Trading, industrialization, and living in peace were the structure of life in Biafra-Land, before the British sent Lord Lugard and his wife (Flora Shaw) in the 20th century to the region to carry out a fraudulent-amalgamation-merger that lead to the creation of Nigeria just to serve the interest of the British Empire. It is now January of 2018 and the British Empire still has total control of the oil, petroleum and other natural resources belonging to Biafra and Biafrans-in-the-Diaspora.

It is known that there was fierce objection by the Biafrans who refused the merger for the obvious reason that there is a broad range of difference between the Biafrans and the Yoruba’s in the west, and the Hausa-Fulani in the north. Biafrans are predominantly Christians, and the Hausa-Fulani are predominantly Muslims. On the other hand, the Yoruba speaking people practice both faiths (Islam and Christianity) owing to conquest by Islamic jihadist. The British murdered the Biafran men, women, and children during the fierce objection in British quest to force Biafra into their intended creation of Nigeria but British seeing the resoluteness , persistence, and determination of the Biafran objections in the face of being murdered by the British guns, made the British to decide that in order to move forward with the merger, Britain had to impose a condition that the merger would run for 100 years and would cease to be binding thereafter, any of the region that felt aggrieved by the merger: I paraphrase; “any aggrieved regions can separate from Nigeria, and is free to go and form a separate nation along with, to govern itself”.

Evidently, the British colonialism ultimately caused the Biafra/Nigeria war from 1967-1970 when the British (along with other European nations) colonized the Africa continent and split its territories into different colonies based on its own interests. In the situation of Nigeria, Britain main interest was Biafra’s resources. Britain isn’t particular about the live style or livelihood of the people; and Britain failed woefully in figuring out which areas really belonged together, and simply drew lines on the map, even took out Biafra from the map of Africa, and form new political entities that never existed before, and used the creation of entity to mess up Nigeria to especially turn one whole nation of Biafra into unnecessary category of pieces just to create confusion, dislikes, dehumanization, and demarcation in Biafra and among Biafrans in deliberate attempt to divide what is presently Southeast (SE) and South-South (SS), on top of Britain lumping together into the said Nigeria, areas they categorized main ethnic groups Hausa-Fulani with no natural ties, with many differences in their way of life; such that when Nigeria became Independent in 1960, Britain already set boiling tensions between the north and the south. In the process the independence escalated the conflicts between the Hausa-Fulani, and the Biafran Igbo about who should have power in the new country. Britain didn’t make the situation any better for Biafrans due to the secret deal of indirect rule put in place between Britain, north and west to profit and benefit themselves from Biafra’s resources while depriving Biafra from benefiting from its own resources. In addition the British used fake fabricated population theory scheme, to cheat out Biafrans even before the so called 1914 amalgamation merger took place. In addition, Biafrans were denied Freedom of association, freedom to assemble, and violently repressed by the Nigerian military and Police who are mostly northerners and westerners.

Most people of Biafran-Descent are fed up with the inhumane treatment at the hands of Hausa-Fulani, and the Yoruba that it eventually led the Biafran Igbo in the Southeast to secede from Nigeria after sixth year of the amalgamation, and formed a new country called Biafra. But it is Britain that fought the war for Nigeria to prevent the secession that forced Biafra back into the Nigeria contraption country. As a result of Europe fighting the war against Africa, the war was successful for Nigeria to be returned to its previous boundaries. However, Nigeria never healed from the war, and Nigeria remained in the war in a pretentious deceit peaceful brotherhood coexistence that never was, as Britain continued to make certain that Biafra is at a disadvantage in every aspects that included deprivation of rights, dehumanization, genocide, British causing massive health hazards and environmental pollutions, lack of infrastructural development etc. The Civil War among other factors is always quick reminder that the union of Nigeria is fraud from the very beginning, and it is obvious that the sole intension for the civil war was out of a keen and selfish interest of Nigeria and the British government in Biafra land.

Needless to mention that after Britain carried out an experimented fake fraudulent Nigeria, the killings of Biafrans never ceased. Since 1945, killings of Biafrans in northern Nigeria is still ongoing under hateful propaganda and unsubstantial claim that Biafrans will take over everything, an analogy submitted by one of the founding father (Sir Ahmadu Bello, the Sarduana of Sokoto), and to this day, that discriminatory assertion he falsely used to label Igbo people, has poisoned and biased the mindset of Nigeria masses to remain adamantly narrow minded that often instigate flammable circumstances every time there is disagreement with someone from the north, killing Biafrans is the cradle, also known as the pogrom, that has become a routine way of life. Biafrans were/are beheaded, and pregnant women bellies sliced open and the fetus jacked off from the mother’s womb and crushed in front of their loved ones, Biafran youths are taken alive & thrown in a mass grave and shot with live ammunition & acid poured on them& bodies set on fire, Biafran businesses set on fire, and other atrocities such as forcing adult male and female Biafrans to enter muddy water to bath and drink from the water before killing them, just to mention few of the human right violation crimes committed by the Islamic Nigerian government, encouraged and supported by the British government against Christian Biafrans.

As such, the war is a reminder that Biafrans and Hausa-Fulani who are the Arewa, and Yoruba who are the Oduduwa does not belong together. Suffice to say that the British government did everything within its power and use her influence to cover it up and ensure that the Islamic Nigeria government paid the western media not to report anything Biafra. Just imagine how the then head of state of the Federal Republic of Nigeria removed the Bight of Biafra from the ancient world map of Africa at the end of the presumed 1st civil war that really never ended.

It is a known fact that Nigeria never healed from the war. It is also a known fact that the Islamic Nigeria and British government don’t want the world to know that the so called amalgamation merger was negatively brutal against Biafrans and it never worked till it ended on the midnight of December 31, 2013. Technically, Nigeria expired since January 1st, 2014 at the 100 year of the amalgamation. How sad that a higher percent of the Nigerian population don’t know anything about the contraption called Nigeria, because history is not in Nigeria education curriculum, and not taught in Nigerian schools.

Thanks to Mazi Prince Nnamdi Kanu who has opened the eyes of many around the world to become knowledgeable about the contraption called Nigeria, that to this day, Biafrans are being enslaved, tortured, killed, their rights suppressed and taken away by Hausa-Fulani and the Yoruba who are partner in crimes with the British government.

Self-determination is no crime! But a right. There is no stopping us now! Biafra Freedom is the only solution! It is Biafra Referendum all the way; because we are Biafrans and Biafra belong to the Indigenous People of the Land.

updated: 4 years ago