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Please help save Christian Biafran child from Nigeria’s death dungeon!

Dear Friend

Please help save Christian Biafran child from Nigeriarsquos death dungeon

We are raising awareness about Biafran genocide and please help save Christian Biafran child from Nigeria’s death dungeon.

We are the Massachusetts IPOB USA Inc. Suffolk County, Unit 1, a non-profit corporation registered in the State of Massachusetts USA ID#001301224 and IRS EIN 82-3584764. We are a Zone of Indigenous People of Biafra USA and a member of a wider global family of Indigenous People of Biafra represented in more than 80 countries advocating for Biafra Nation independence from the republic of Nigeria which is a condition imposed by Britain, and agreed upon at the entering of amalgamation on January 1, 1914 that ended in 2014. IPOB main objective is to achieve freedom, independence, and sovereignty of Biafra.

We Biafrans, with a population of about 70 milion are peaceful Christian people faced with ethnic cleansing. We want our freedom from the enslavement of Nigeria that was created in a fraudulent amalgamation by Fredrick Lugard a British mercenary soldier. Biafra existed thousand of years before Nigeria was ever created in 1914.

Blight of Biafra in Pre-Colonization map of Africa.

The Biafrans and the Hausa-Fulani and the Yoruba tribes have nothing in common. It was for selfish profiteering intent that the British came to create Nigeria, and force Biafra into the contraption that they called Nigeria. The outcome has been killing of Biafrans at the slightest opportunity by the northerners have become the norm with no accountability.

Since the creation of Nigeria over five million Biafran men, women, children, and unborn children, have been murdered by the northern Islamic Hausa-Fulani caliphate, and since Buhari the founder and sponsor of the Boko Haram terrorist came to power again since 2015, over 4 thousand more Biafrans unarmed have been murdered by the Nigerian Military and Police supported by the British government. The fundamental human rights of the Indigenous People of Biafra are trampled upon with impunity that included how in 1975 the Nigerian government in conjunction with the British government wickedly, and selfishly removed the Bright of Biafra from the pre-colonization map of Africa; and by decree the Islamic Nigerian government changed the Bight of Biafra to the Bight of Bonny. We have been denied of our constitutionally guaranteed freedom of speech, freedom of association, and freedom of assembly, and violently repressed by the Nigerian Military and Police. Massachusetts IPOB USA Inc. Suffolk County, Unit 1 uses the charity humanitarian project to raise fund for the welfare and well being of those who have been hurt, disabled, children who suddenly are fatherless and/or become orphan, and those rendered home bound in broken places etc.

This is open appeal request to urge you to support our capital donation campaign for the charity humanitarian project.

Biafran genocide child victim!

There are many ways to support using the Pay Pal donation link-You may support by: 1. Give a donation of $5 or any amount, 2. Donate $50 or more and get our name brand t-shirt. It’s our way to show appreciation for supporting the Biafra restoration freedom charity humanitarian cause to save a child. 3. Your overall goodwill support will save a life and thanks if you do. Proceeds will go for the Biafran Welfare and Well-being Humanitarian Charity Project!
4. Collaborate with us to organize a forum, rally etc. and promote it on social media. In our effort to raise Biafra’s awareness in Massachusetts and beyond. Please visit the contact us link on the home page, fill out the form, submit it, and one of our organizing team member will get back to you!

Sincerely yours
From all of us here at the Massachusetts IPOB USA Inc. Suffolk County, Unit 1

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